Jamal kiwan Photography
born in 1967, I have started photography ever since I was 16 years old. Capturing the lines of hardship expressed on my people's faces... The old towns, houses and people have always fascinated me. I wish to show the world those beautiful lifetime images through my lens. Photography is my life, the camera is my best friend... I love traveling around the's my passion. Capturing the beauty of the Creator. Each of my photos is like a beautiful colorful painting, I like to give life to objects I capture through my lens. I try to show the viewer the world in a different perspective, in a way that he has never seen before. Photography is Art, photography is Real, Photography is life to me.... Exhibitions: 15-1-2009 "Window to my world" 29-1-2011 "Window to my world 4" 2011 " Nazareth through our eyes" 5-4-2013 "solo exhibition about Nazareth " 14-4-2013 "Nazareth in our hearts" 2013 "solo exhibition, and Lecture about Photography" 26-1-2014 "photo gallery space agency" 15-3-2014 "photo gallery about 48 Arabs in Nazareth" 4-4-2014 "USIA exclusive exhibition, Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London "
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נבנה ע"י